Songs of Susannah: Music is my first language


Susannah sitting on the floor in front of a piano with several musical instruments around her

In addition to writing music, I enjoy creative writing (prose and poetry), creating artwork (painting, sculpture, sewing, embroidery, and web graphics), researching genealogy, reading, and learning new things.

This website was designed by Susannah M. Rolfes using GIMP, Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Notepad, a scanner, CSS, and good, old-fashioned raw HTML code. Fonts are Castellar, Maestro, MT Imprint Shadow, Blackadder ITC, and whatever default font your browser uses.

The Songs of Susannah logo was created and designed by Susannah M. Rolfes. It may not be used elsewhere without permission.

MusiCat is a creation of Susannah M. Rolfes. All MusiCat art was designed and created by Susannah M. Rolfes and may not be used elsewhere without permission. All MusiCat animation was created using MusiCat was created in Microsoft Paint, but some versions were edited using GIMP.

MusiCat appears in "Cheshire" form at the bottom of each page, that is, only her facial markings are visible; this should also be considered original artwork and may not be used elsewhere without permission.

All sheet music and music files were composed by Susannah M. Rolfes. All lyrics were written by Susannah M. Rolfes, except I Never Saw A Moor by Emily Dickensen and Who Has Seen The Wind? by Christina Rossetti. All music and lyrics are copyrighted by Susannah M. Rolfes except for the above mentioned lyrics.

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