Songs of Susannah: Music is my first language

I started making up songs as soon as I could talk, and I've been composing music ever since. I taught myself to play by ear when I was 3 or 4, and later, I took ten years of piano lessons. I also taught myself to play the guitar when I was in high school. I've always felt that writing music was my calling in life. For years, I misheard this calling as a siren song that would lead me to my doom (that is, financial ruin), until a bad case of pneumonia made me reflect that, if I died, my one regret in life would be that my music would die with me. I began to devote myself to writing out all my piano solos as sheet music, and recording as a singer/songwriter.

Susannah playing her Farfisa Royal Artist chord organ, about age four. span title=

People have told me that my music isn't like anything else out there, which makes it difficult for me to describe. I think it's

"Pianocentric Indie Alternative Folk."

The artists in my music collection that sound the most like my music are:
A few of my songs sound like swing revival. Some sound like folk songs, or alternative rock. Some have a driving beat. Others sound more like lullabies. I've never tried to stick to any one genre or any particular sound. I've always just written music, much like I used to catch fireflies as a child. It's as if the music is just out there, floating around, and if I am quick, careful, and patient, I can hold it in my hands.

There is always a song in my head, and if it's one I've never heard before,
then I'm the one that gets to write it
(as long as I can get to a piano fast enough).